EMV 2XSLCY-J 0,6/1 kV 3x

Power cable with tinned copper braid shield, flame retardant and low halogens emission (Inverter Siemens type).


  1. Conductor
  2. Insulation
  3. Shield
  4. Shield
  5. Sheath


APPLICATION: Suitable for the transport of energy and in particular for the supply of electric motors controlled by an inverter / converter Siemens type. The large section of the shield serves to reduce the transmission of electromagnetic noise generated by the motor control.


INSTALLATION: For fixed indoor and outdoor installation in dry or wet environments. They can be installed on metal structures, on platforms, pipes, conduits and similar systems. Also for indirect burial

Conductors: annealed red copper cl. 5 CEI EN 60228 (Tab. 9)
Insulation: cross-linked polyethylene CEI EN 50363
Cores colour:   CEI UNEL 00722 - HD 308
Assembling: with grounding conductors in the gaps  
Shield: Al/Pet tape with metal side towards the outside  
Shield: braid of annealed tinned copper  
Sheath: PVC, TM2 quality CEI EN 50363
Sheath colour: trasparent or black RAL 9005  
Flame retardant:   CEI EN 60332-1-2
Low halogens emission: (< 22%) CEI EN 50267-2-1 - IEC 60754-1
DC resistance: according to CEI EN 60228 (Tab. 9)
Current capacity:   DIN VDE 0289-4
Rated voltage Uo/U: 0,6/1 kV  
Max voltage: 1,2 kV (frequency converters max 690 V)  
Testing voltage: 4 kV  
Max working temperature: 90 °C  
Short-circuit temperature: 250 °C  
Min. installation temperature: 0 °C  
Bending radius: Ø x 8  
Printing: BERICA CAVI S.P.A. ITALY EMV 2XSLCY-J 0,6/1kV Type CE - Year/Lot - 00000 m  


N° x mm2
3x1,5+3x0,25 9,6 138,0 B5703150
3x2,5+3x0,50 10,7 198,0 B5703250
3x4+3x0,75 12,5 298,0 B5703400
3x6+3x1 13,9 385,0 B5703600
3x10+3x2,08 16,8 610,0 B57031000
3x16+3x3,31 19,2 807,0 B57031600


23,2 1130,0 B57032500
3x35+3x6 26,2 1508,0 B57033500
3x50+3x8,37 30,1 2250,0 B57035000
3x70+3x13,3 35,0 2898,0 B57037000
3x95+3x16 39,7 4084,0 B57039500
3x120+3x21,15 45,5 5103,0 B570312000
3x150+3x25 49,7 5895,0 B570315000
3x185+3x35 56,4 7953,0 B570318500
3x240+3x42,5 57,8 9496,0 B570324000


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