FG7OH2R+T 0,6/1 kV

Cables for electric motors controlled by inverter, with red copper braid shield and grounding conductor outside from shield, fire retardant and low halogens emission.


  1. Conductor
  2. Insulation
  3. Assembling
  4. Shield
  5. Sheath


APPLICATION: Suitable for the transport of energy and in particular for the power supply of electric motors controlled by inverter. The ground conductor external to the shield and the increased coverage of the shield serve to reduce the transmission of electromagnetic noise generated by the motor control.


INSTALLATION: For fixed indoor installation in industrial environments. They can be installed on wall and metal structures, on platforms, pipes, conduits and similar systems. Cable for direct and indirect burial.

Conductors: annealed red copper cl.5 CEI EN 60228 (Tab. 9)
Insulation: LSZH compound, G7 quality CEI EN 50363
Cores colour:   CEI UNEL 00722 - HD 308
Assembling: Pet tape CEI EN 50363
Shield: braid of annealed red copper, covering >80%  
Sheath: PVC, TM2 quality CEI EN 50363
Sheath colour: grey RAL 7035  
Fire retardant:   CEI 20-22/II
Flame retardant:   CEI EN 60332-1-2
Low halogens emission: (< 22%) CEI EN 50267-2-1 - IEC 60754-1
Oil resistant:   CEI 20-34/0-1
DC resistance: according to CEI EN 60228 (Tab. 9)
Current capacity:   CEI UNEL 35024/1 - CEI UNEL 35026
Rated voltage Uo/U: 0,6/1 kV  
Max. voltage: 1,2 kV  
Testing voltage: 4 kV  
Max working temperature: 90 °C  
Short-circuit temperature: 250 °C  
Min. installation temperature: 0 °C  
Bending radius: Ø x 15  
Printing: BERICA CAVI S.P.A. ITALY FG7OH2R+T 0,6/1 kV O.R. CEI 20-22 II CE Year/Lot -Type - 00000 m  


N° x mm2
3x1,5 + 1x1,5 GV 10,8 168,0 B5803150
3x2,5 + 1x2,5 GV 12,6 230,0 B5803250
3x4 + 1x4 GV 15,3 356,0 B5803400
3x6 + 1x6 GV 17,4 500,0 B5803600
3x10 + 1x10 GV 20,6 712,0 B58031000
3x16 + 1x16 GV 24,8 1155,0 B58031600
3x25 + 1x25 GV 30,1 1706,0 B58032500


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