FG29OHM16 100/100V LSZH PH (120) UNI 9795

Electrical cables for applications in automatic fixed systems for revelation and signaling fire alarms with particular reaction to fire characteristics that comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Cables with additional fire resistance characteristics.


  1. Conductor
  2. Insulation
  3. Assembling
  4. Drain wire
  5. Stripping wire
  6. Screen
  7. Identification thread
  8. Sheath



APPLICATION: Can be used to connect the equipment of fixed automatic revelation and manual fire alarm, whether or not linked to extinguishing systems or other protection system (both active than passive type), intended to be installed in buildings, independently of the intended use. They are not suitable for other uses such as emergency lighting, power systems, forced evacuation of smoke and heat, electric or emergency controls or other similar applications with operating voltage exceeding 100 V AC for which you have to use the cables to CEI 20-45. In the most risky environments in the event of a fire, such as health facilities, entertainment venues and entertainment in general, gyms and sports centers. Hotels, guest houses, motels, villages, tourist residences - hotels. Schools of every order, grade and type. Exhibitors and / or retailers. Companies and offices with more than 300 people present; Libraries and archives, museums, galleries, exhibitions and exhibitions. Buildings intended for civil use, with a fire height of more than 24m. (Average Risk)


INSTALLATION: For fixed protected installation in conduits ( embedded or surface mounted ) or similar closed systems. They can be laid in the same conduit with circuits of electrical systems with rated voltage up to 400V to ground, typically in 230/400V power systems.

Conductors: annealed red copper cl.5 CEI EN 60228 (Tab. 9)
Insulation: LSZH compound, G29 quality CEI 20-11
Cores colour: red-black  
Assembling: Pet tape  
Drain wire: annealed tinned copper 0,50 mm²  
Screen: Al/Pet tape  
Assembling: Pet tape  
Stripping wire:    
Sheath: LSZH compound, M16 quality CEI 20-11
Sheath colour: red RAL 3000  
Fire resistant: duration 120 min. at temperature fo 830 °C (- 0 ÷ + 40 °C) CEI 20-11
DC resistance: according to CEI EN 60228 (Tab. 9)
Rated voltage Uo/U: 100/100 V  
Testing voltage: 2000 V  
Max working temperature: 90 °C  
Short-circuit temperature: 250 ° C  
Min. installation temperature: 0 °C  
Bending radius: Ø x 14  
Max standard twisting (2x cable): ≥ 10 twists/meter  
REGULATION (UE) 305/2011
AVCP System : 1+ EN 50575:2014 + A1:2016
Classification : Cca-s1b,d1,a1 UNI EN 13501-6
Cca : Heat release and flame spread(FS ≤ 2m) EN 50399
s1b : Smoke transmittance ≥ 60% <80% (TSP ≤ 50 m2 and SPR ≤ 0.25 m2 / s) EN 50399 + EN 61034-2
d1 : No flaming droplets/particles persisting longer than 10 s EN 50399
a1 : Gas acidity (Conductivity <2.5 ms / mm and pH> 4.3) EN 50267-2-3
Flame propagation (H ≤ 425 mm) EN 60332-1-2
Printing: BERICA CAVI S.P.A. ITALY FG29OHM16 100/100V Uo= 400V Cca-s1b,d1,a1 CEI 20-105 UNI 9795 CEI EN 50200 PH (120) CE Type -Year/Lot - 00000 m

N° x mm2
2x0,50 6,0 48 B56C02050FRS
2x0,75 6,3 53 B56C02075FRS
2x1 6,6 61 B56C02100FRS
2x1,5 8,0 83 B56C02150FRS
2x2,5 9,3 115 B56C02250FRS

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